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LaserBond™ 100 All Purpose Aerosol Spray

Only $49.95

LaserBond™ 100 all purpose aerosol spray produces high contrast, permanent black marks on most metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and stone surfaces for use in a wide variety of industrial and artistic applications, ranging from automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and traceability to the awards, personalization and trophy business. 

Liquid Ink for Blackening Laser Marked Surfaces

Only $29.95

LaserBond 100 Liquid Ink is a concentrated formulation for application using manual brush-on techniques, air brushing, industrial spraying, pad printing or screen printing. It is a water-based product and should be diluted 1:1 with denatured alcohol for brush-on application using either a foam or bristle brush and for pad or screen printing. For application with air brushing or industrial spraying equipment, it should be diluted 2:1 with denatured alcohol to provide the proper consistency.


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